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just having a whole lot of fun....!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Years ago somebody gave me an old chair. Actually I liked it - but mainly because I knew I'd eventually remake it into something I just loved! It was really a Victorian era 1880's chair that just begged to be fun, colorful, I enlisted my then nine year old granddaughter's help. Together, Delaney and I pulled, tugged and gritted our teeth as we yanked off 130 years of fabric, dust, and stuffing!! Underneath we discovered sawdust and excelsior, dirt and years of somebody's life experiences......... I couldn't believe it!!

Now the fun part emerged....In my back porch studio I just loved exploring shelves filled with my favorite lost and found fabrics!! Gleaned from years of Goodwill, yard sales, second hand and antique shopping...... found treasures now safely stacked in vintage cabinets, darkened closets and chests of drawers......I began pulling out old trims, crochet and wonderful fabric fragments. Layering piece upon piece, a wonderful mix of amazing bohemian style emerged!! Glueing, stitching, stapling and painting were so much fun........and just look at the results!!

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