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....on being creative.....

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Let's don't even think about it! Let's just have fun! Be immersed in the moment....doing something you love. Work at it - but play, too. Don't think "perfection". Think "happy mistakes". There is no such thing as a bad piece of art. Don't criticize yourself.....stick what you don't like in a drawer and don't look at it it for six months. Then pull it out. You'll see things in a new way. Often you'll see "solutions"to your dilemma....!

As we grow in life we can become more creative! Be open to new experiences. Try new things. Meet new & different people. Don't get boxed in in life - instead branch out!!

As we lean on the Lord, He will help us with our creativity! As you walk with Him, He strengthens you, draws you, and you become more open as a person. The Great Creator became your Savior and now you can rest in His love and acceptance. You are more free to move in a creative manner.

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