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the artist at home.....

I love my home. I love designing my home. I must say it truly is an extension of myself. Art projects quickly become an integral part of my landscape....! A recently completed painting takes up residence on the old brick wall of my back porch. The kimono I just finished absolutely has to hang in a kitchen doorway. I'll move it later to a better spot in the dining room. The topiary I had so much fun putting together sits proudly on my 1920's buffet.

Color, style, imagination, surprise!! My home is enriched because I am creating. Each day brings new ideas, fresh projects, creative problems to solve!! It keeps me youthful because I am always approaching life in a child like way. I try to reach into my imagination and keep originality uppermost. No copying, no kits, no checking in with "art projects online!! I have a mind. I have a brain. The Lord created me in His image. And isn't He the Creator of all things? As I pursue my relationship with Him, I find that my creativity grows. Thank you Lord, for daily enriching my life!!

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