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ahhh... kimono!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The kimono might be one of the oldest styles of dress - but amazingly its one of the most current!! For me it's a wonderful canvas. Paint it. Dye it. Embellish it. I love to let my imagination run wild when I come face to face with the kimono shape.....

One of my favorite things is to spend a cold grey day in front of my fire and browse online under the heading, "vintage silk Japanese kimonos". All sorts of treasures appear on the pages! A week or two later, packages from halfway around the world are dropped off at my back door. As I open each one I'm dreaming about what they will become.....!!

As I work and play in my studio I imagine what will happen with this particular kimono and In my mind creative things begin to happen. As I work, each piece comes alive in a fresh new way. Amazingly, the completed kimono can be thrown over a pair of jeans and a tee shirt - or worn as an elegant jacket. Ether way it becomes a wonderful part of the wearer....!

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