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....through a child's eyes

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

It is said that what you love to do as a child is most likely what you'll love to do when you grow up. Close your eyes and think about it! I know its so true in my own life.....

My best memories always seemed to include making, designing, creating and imagining!

As a ten year old, my favorite teacher planned a presentation of the Nutcracker Suite. We created a "finger puppet" show. Somehow marshmallow heads, all made up, sat atop tulle tutu's. Our two fingers (the ballerina legs) danced with glee to the Sugar PlumFairy music. I loved it!!

Another wonderful afternoon as a nine year old was spent arranging & rearranging Indian beads on my Campfire Girls (think Girl Scouts) felt vest. I spent many happy hours designing the top and more happy hours sewing them on.

Creating a huge Indian mural in third grade, designing & writing "newspapers" to hand out to neighborhood kids in the summer, sewing by hand many scraps of fabric to dress my doll...these warm memories still define who I am today!!

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